Introduction to inRiver PIM

Course Description
In this course we will focus on the basics of designing a Marketing Model in inRiver PIM. You will learn how to use the fundamental tools and get an understanding of how to build a Marketing Model in inRiver PIM by using best practice examples. This training is a great foundation for anyone who needs to have an understanding of inRiver PIM as a system.

Besides training in using Product, Item and Resource as a starting point when building a Marketing Model, this course will also cover Custom entity, Data types, Link Types, Link Entity, Specifications, Fieldsets, Channels, Categorization and Languages.

This course, or corresponding knowledge, is required for attendees of the inRiver Business Consultant, Developer and Sales Engineer tracks.

Bring your own laptop. Sign up as a user on our Wiki,

The training spans 1 day on location (+2 days for Business Consultant/Sales Engineer/Developer training).

1 day introduction: €400/$475
3-day package (Introduction to inRiver PIM combined with further training): €1000/$1100