Optimera Builds a Digital Business with inRiver PIM

inriver optimera

Optimera, the parent company of a number of distribution and retail subsidiaries, is the largest building materials, lumber, and interior home products company in Norway.

As their industry began to become more digitized, Optimera realized that they needed to also enable online ordering. In addition, with the ongoing increase in environmentally focused buildings, Optimera needed to provide more comprehensive product information for their Breeam Building Standard products.

inRiver PIM became a central part of the solution for Optimera’s digital transformation. While only 25% of their product information is currently housed in inRiver, the plan is for all product information to reside there in the future.

“Every product will have to have a good identity. We receive the most value from the PIM when the product information is available on all of our sites.”

-        Eskild Busch, Chief Development Officer, eBusiness/IT at Optimera