Webinar: How to speed up business and increase information quality with PIM

In a world where we have an increasing number of channels and more complex information, PIM (Product Information Management) has become a concept for how you should work with, and manage, your product information.

Please join inRiver partners NetRelations and EVRY as they host a webinar on September 14, where they will explore these benefits of PIM. 

Webinar: How to Speed Up Business

PIM not only helps you simplify the processes around the information you want, but also is a way to ensure that new products are distributed to your channels and become available to customers.

But...what is a PIM and what should you think about when you begin your PIM journey?

Jesper Viktor of EVRY Digital Business will review the basics of what PIM really is and give examples of the challenges and opportunities that exist with PIM deployments. PIM is not only about having your product information structured in a database, but also provides the opportunity to re-think the organization handling the information and the external forces that drive the need for PIM.

This webinar will be held in Swedish and will last for about 45 minutes with a 10-minute follow-up Q&A session. Join us at 14:00 on September 14, 2017 from your computer, mobile or tablet and listen in from any location.