Why Product Information Management (PIM)?

The Challenge
B2B and B2C retailers, e-tailers, manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers are faced with a common challenge: how to efficiently handle more products, across an increasing number of channels and regions, while still providing rich and engaging information about the products.

PIM enables better control and higher efficiency
Many organizations struggle to provide product information, doing manual work using traditional tools like Word and Excel. It provides for a heavier workload and information inconsistency across channels, which in the end has a negative impact on the customer experience. Also, this simply does not scale as operations grow. PIM - Product Information Management - was designed to increase the efficiency, control and quality of your product information handling.

inRiver lets every product tell a story
inRiver helps product marketing professionals collaborate on creating rich product information - for engaging products and a great customer experience. The content is optimized for marketing the products, pushing the right mix of product information to the right channels at the right time. inRiver provides easy-to-use tools for controlling every aspect of the core stages of the Product Information Management (PIM) process: supply, enrich, plan & release, and publish. With inRiver, you will be able to create great content, achieve much faster time-to-market for all your products, plan your assortments, use the same resources, and still achieve higher product information quality for your multi-channel strategy.

inRiver enables your organization to provide rich and consistent high-quality information on your products, across all your channels (both attracting and converting), for a great customer experience and to simply to sell more, faster.