The different apps of inRiver make the product enrichment a fast and easy process, simplifying for you the handling of product information and management of product content across all sales channels. Our PIM software is suited for any line of product-selling business and for both B2C and B2B companies.

inRiver Functional Apps

In addition to the Core Apps, inRiver also provides a set of Functional Apps to make the overall PIM process and workflow more efficient and product content more accessible. The inRiver Portal offers the following Functional App options:


inRiver PlannerPlanner App – is used when creating, managing and collaborating on enrichment activities during the PIM process, enabling the efficient handling of campaigns, promotions, and product launches. The app provides a timeline overview including the completeness levels of products for every activity that has been, or needs to be, completed.


inRiver Supplier OnboardingSupplier Onboarding App – is used when you are setting up, validating, and managing the import flow of data and resources from suppliers. You can add and manage access rights, administrate the communication, and validate the quality of the product information of your suppliers. External users manage the upload of information via a web portal.


inRiver Content StoreContent Store App – is used when making assortment visible and downloadable for any external or internal users. From here you can add and manage users so they can search, find, and download any resource and associated product information.


inRiver PrintPrint App - The Print app gives you access to the inRiver print settings used for exporting product information between inRiver PIM and Adobe InDesign.